3 Short Random Reviews – Part 2: sleepmakeswaves – And So We Destroyed Everything

Part Two of ‘3SRR’: The new 2011 album ‘…And So We Destroyed Everything’ by australian instrumental rock band ‘sleepmakeswaves’.

…And So We Destroyed Everything is the band’s debut LP and sounds really promising. The band combines post-rock guitar melodies with ambient and electronic soundscapes and is also able to create something new with it. They also integrate a few heavier parts in their songs to make it sound more active and straightforward. This was especially well achieved in the tracks 2 and 6. The electronic and more atmospheric parts were also pretty good, e.g. in track 3.  What I also found pretty interesting and memorable were the “vocals” at the end of the last track, they fitted pretty well in there.

The longer songs such as the opener or track 4 seemed a bit too long and excessive to me because it was like that slow crescendo build-up scheme known from many post-rock bands. But hey, maybe I’ll enjoy them more after re-visiting this album who knows. The last track (also being a longer song) differs from that though. It is a really distinctive (especially because of the aforementioned vocal-part) and dynamic closing song.

Overall, I loved the mix of the different influences (especially the electronic component) making the album an interesting and diverse atmospheric journey and I’m looking forward to getting deeper into their stuff. Very good for a debut LP.

Favourite Song(s): In Limbs And Joints, Our Time Is Short But Your Watch Is Slow

Least Favourite Song(s): To You They Are Birds, To Me They Are Voices In The Forest

Overall rating 7/10 (first impression)


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