Final Days Society – Ours Is Not A Caravan Of Despair Review

I’m talking about a swedish shoegaze/post-rock band now. No, I am not talking about Ef. Nor am I talking about pg.lost. I’m talking about Final Days Society who released their sophomore LP four months ago! It is called “Ours Is Not A Caravan Of Despair” and follows up their debut with the title “Noise Passes, Silence Remains” released back in 2008.

While comprising two songs less than their debut it runs about the same time, which obviously raises the average song length (Kudos to me using high incredibly mind-twistingly difficult mathematics in my review! I bet no-one has done something that cool ever). The songs really work well together and create some kind of flow throughout the album. They seem to know each other and thus work that well when played together. Something that I love about albums. To be honest I missed that kind of thing a bit on their debut. Similar to their debut, the opener is a rather atmospheric chilled out intro. It sounds really ethereal and up-lifting and thus is probably my favourite track on the whole record. The album is mostly instrumental but has some vocals on it, fortunately exactly at the right spots. The long crescendo build-ups mostly end in some loud exploding (tremolo-picked) guitars. Something that might have been a bit overdone on this album to be honest (later more about that in my ‘complaints’ section, you know, where I nag and bitch about stuff). The last song only features those aforementioned “exploding” guitars which makes the album end pretty epic. I also noticed that the song titles of the last songs on both of their releases seem to complete each other. ‘Silence Is…’ (last track on their debut) ‘…Beauty’ (last track on Ours Is Not A Caravan Of Despair). Pretty cool thing. Also, one of my favourite tracks off this album is ‘Swans’ which was the first track I listened to from the band – on facebook back in April – it immediately got me hooked on the band. I especially liked the drums on that one and it had a nice overall feel and was really something totally unique and new to my ears. Splendid stuff!

Ok, the album also has a few weaker spots on it. (Which album hasn’t? Damn, now that I’ve written that, several voices in my head keep shouting Effloresce…f***ing oceansize geeks in my head..) For example, to me the fifth track ‘Theory Of Everything’ didn’t quite fit in between the other songs that (as already mentioned) know each other. It is pretty good as a stand-alone song though. Also, this album really needs to be listened to while relaxing in the evening (which is the normal time to listen to albums anyway for non-music-nerds such as people that aren’t me) after you’re done with all your work or whatever the hell you did the whole day since otherwise it could be a bit straining due to the very frequent use of those crescendo guitar explosions. Although I appreciated them very much, they were in fact a bit over-used and some songs correspondingly could have been a bit shorter.

To sum up, this album was really enjoyable and to me is definitely among the best post-rock releases of 2011 so far. It was a bit too extensive here and there, but it is nonetheless a good listen-to-it-the-whole-way-through-without-getting-bored-or-killed-by-some-mosquitos-or-stuff-album.

Favourite Song(s): 1:60, Swans, Aeons

Least Favourite Song(s): Theory Of Everything (because it isn’t as good as the others. however it is still pretty good)

Overall Rating: 7/10 (a rather strong seven actually)

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