Remember Remember – The Quickening Review

Good Morning, Supercaptains! I haven’t been on here for a while now due to several rather boring reasons. Anyway, in the meantime a lot of new albums have been released and I decided to start off reviewing the new Remember Remember LP “The Quickening”. So if anyone (i don’t know who I’m actually referring to there) assumed that I would review the new Opeth or Steven Wilson LP, or the new Mogwai EP which were all released during my absence, they have to be disappointed. I am probably going to review all those, but “The Quickening” is an album I felt like reviewing first.

Remember Remember are a scottish instrumental band I discovered last year through the Rock Action Label which is being run by the mighty Mogwai. I bought their self-titled debut-LP from 2008 and also an EP from 2010. Back then, RR was only one guy who obviously had to loop a lot of stuff. For this reason, I found the material even more impressive. A week ago, RR has released their sophomore LP called “The Quickening” and presumably the band turned into a 7-piece – judging by the band photo on thequietus where the album was streamable before its actual release. This already raised my expectations a bit, so I decided to stream the first track. I was already hooked and bought the album a few days later.

On “The Quickening” the band still works a lot with looping and layering. It does sound a lot more organic than on their debut LP though. They tend to use a lot more instruments and thus incorporate a wider selection of sounds. Especially the strings bring in a lot of diversity. While they sound very natural and heartfelt on tracks like Scottish Widows, they are very experimental and energetic on the track Hey Zeus. A Larger Demon, the shortest track is a very beautiful piano piece which perhaps serves as a sequel to And The Demon Said… on the self-titled album. Another quite experimental song is the last one called John Candy which starts off sounding really childish and..well a bit like candy I suppose and then slowly evolves into another song with many different layers. My favourite track still has to be the opener though because I just love the piano melodies on this thing. And I love how it slowly evolves and gets bigger and bigger by the minute. Fantastic song. The patterns that are being looped are very reminiscent of some of Steve Reich’s stuff, but Remember Remember tend to use this method of layering patterns and put it into many different directions, which brings up something new with each listen.

Of course on the other hand, the dangerous aspect of looping one track after another is that there is inevitably a lot of repetition. Of course when listening to this minimalistic style of music, you can only expect this. There could have been a few more shifts within the songs nonetheless. For example on the aforementioned track Hey Zeus the drum pattern doesn’t change a bit throughout the whole song which could have been avoided. And because it has hardly got any shifts you know the whole song after just listening to its first 30 seconds which leaves one a bit unexcited. I’m not saying that the whole album is predictable…but a few things could have been a tad more… well let’s call it adventurous.

I could enjoy this thing on first listen… I can still enjoy it on the following listens. It is indeed a solid album and is most definitely not outshined by the debut LP. The band tried to explore more directions which in my opinion is the best thing a band can do when writing new stuff. And even though I could’t appreciate every single minute of this album, it is always worth a listen.

Favourite Song(s): White Castle, Ocean Potion, A Larger Demon

Least Favourite Song(s): Hey Zeus

Overall Rating 7/10

tuned out again, bastards! see you next time.


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