Mogwai – Earth Division EP Review

Hello people!

The guy who reviews music and apparently enjoys eating turtles is back!

A month ago, a bunch of highly talented scottish musicians who call themselves “Mogwai” released a new EP called Earth Division. 7 months after the release of Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, their brilliant new LP, they release this EP. Quite a busy bunch of scottish musicians as well as it seems.

Anyway, let’s get straight to the real deal: The EP contains 4 rather short tracks, 3 of which are instrumental. It is a small, but very interesting piece of art, kind of the tiny little dessert you get after eating  something really huge (which would be Hardcore will never die, but you will – I didn’t find a culinary metaphor for this album, excuse me for this).

The first track Get To France is a tiny piano piece which sounds more like a classical composition than a song by a rock band….which is great! They tried to explore classical music on the b-side “Music For A Forgotten Future (The Singing Mountain)” of their latest LP, which was a project for an art exposition in Germany. And I loved this track, even though they completely threw out the drums and used the guitars as an ambient background for the piano and strings. They pretty much did the same thing on Get To France, which initially surprised me, but I just love that they’re experimenting with the composition of their songs.

Hound Of Winter is kind of the Cody of this EP. Guitars + vocals make up a beautiful little ballad by this band…which is also something they haven’t been doing in some time considering their last two LPs hardly featured any vocals. The thing about this song though is that I could skip it and I frankly wouldn’t think I missed out on something important. This song is catchy, nice and cute but I am not really blown away by it to be honest.

Drunk And Crazy is what the song title already suggests (which is a rare occasion, I mean we’re talking about Mogwai song titles here!). It’s really freaked out experimental stuff that I didn’t expect at all from these guys. It’s really impressive that they have been making music for so many years now and still come up with something that’s as different from their other songs as a screwdriver is from a penguin. If you get me right on that one. Anyway, love this track, love this band. That’s pretty much it.

The last track, Does This Always Happen? is probably my favourite track on this EP. The guitar melody in the beginning immediately appealed to me and the strings and the way this song builds up is just beautiful. They could make a whole album full of those songs and I would probably love it. But it’s great they also come up with stuff like Drunk And Crazy or Rano Pano (on their latest LP) which keep things fresh and make their music sound a lot more dynamic and changeable.

I reviewed the several tracks now because there are only four tracks on this EP and they can be considered as seperate entities. And although they’re not quite cohesive, they still form a pretty solid EP which showed us all that this band can do no wrong.

Favourite Song(s): Drunk And Crazy, Does This Always Happen?

Least Favourite Song(s): Hound Of Winter

Overall Rating 8/10

Peace. On. Earth….Division.

So long.


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