I’m the kinda guy you see when you go fishing. And i don’t mean fishing some turtles or stuff, i mean the real deal, you know. I also enjoy collecting fossil dinosaur excrement, watching cats eating my sunglasses and using my psychic energy to control three-legged raccoon dogs. You know, the usual stuff. I mean overall, I’m just a human being as well amn’t I (?)Enjoy my reviews or simply don’t. Either way you won’t come up to the same satisfaction you get when chasing bears and such.Cheer and don’t forget to comment some random stuff I won’t ever read anyway.


2 Responses to About

  1. sayubag says:

    Welcome aboard, young lad. Get yourself a nice cocktail and enjoy a hopefully pleasent stay in the eternal widths of the blogger’s cyberspace. May you share your wisdom with us, for that we open our hearts to your enlighting reviews.

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